Exclusive to the Signsations website, The Simple Signman
is a real live master fabricator at Signsations, Inc.

His helpful hints and answers to frequently asked questions are
a regular feature of this website, and his many years of experience
in the sign business is invaluable when it comes to educating our
customers and helping them make the right decisions regarding
the purchase of a sign that works for them and their business.

Feel free to call or email The Simple Signman at any time,
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What is my target audience?

What distance will the sign be viewed from?

How long do I need the sign to last?

What is my advertising budget?

How long will it take to get a return on my investment?

Is the sign up to local codes? Can I obtain a permit?

What other signs are near my sign's location?

Can I make my sign stand out from it's surroundings?

What type of installation is required?